Monday, April 28, 2014

The Loss of a Family Member

Chloe was almost 19 years old. She was a much loved family fixture for 2 decades. She grew up with the big kids and oh how loved she was. She was very sweet and attached to Mimi's hip. I heard that Doxies have hip problems but Chloe never did. I think its because there couldn't have been much wear and tear. Chloe didn't walk a lot because Mimi carried her everywhere. Toward the end she was blind, deaf, had congestive heart failure, gull bladder issues and on her last week on earth her right hind leg was giving her issues.  It was no way for this sweet animal to live. She was living in fear since she couldn't see or hear anything she was startled by every step she took. It was so sad. So we made a very difficult decision to end her suffering. It was April 8, and it was very hard, but we know she is no longer suffering and that helps.

I didn't know Leah had taken this picture ( like many others I find in my phone and camera). But I am glad she did. Here you see the age. The light colors on her face were brown when she was younger, and the black parts are filled with gray hair. She spent a lot of time on this bed in the end. And yes its in the middle of the living room, she moved it all around the house and we would find her napping all over the house.

Roxie (the Maltese) spent the first few days looking around the house searching for Chloe.  The two of them used to fight for the beds all the time. Although they each had their own. I think Chloe took the bed everywhere so Roxie didn't get in it cause once she did there was no getting her out. Interesting enough, Roxie has not touched Chloe's beds since her passing. Almost like she is waiting for her to return.

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