Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Two Years Ago Today...................

.......we received our third bundle of joy that we call "The Munchkin".  We experienced so many emotions in the tear-filled room at the Civil Affairs office in Nanjing. When we first entered the room some of the children from our travel group and other agencies were already there. It was a moment that everyone in the room had waited for and dreamed about for a very long time. Part of me felt like I was having and out of body experience, almost like I was watching this happen to someone else. Leah was the last child to arrive from our travel group so we were able to keep busy taking pictures and video for the other families. Finally, after a while, our guide gets a phone call that the van carrying our Leah was pulling into the parking lot. We ran to the window and saw the head nanny and director of the SWI carry her into the building. I will never forget the moment I saw her. She was so perfect and so beautiful. When they entered the room the other families had already received their children so we were all just waiting for Leah. The second they walked into the room I went up to the director, who was holding her, and I took her from him. She cried and cried but was easily distracted. She very quickly realized we were her mommy, daddy and sister.  She would not go anyone but us very early on. The rest of the time in China was magical, everywhere we went, people could not get over just how beautiful Leah is. Although we all missed home, we now miss China and are looking forward to taking Leah to visit one day.

In the past 2 years Leah has grown so much. She is wearing a size 5 and is just 3 years old. Sometimes I forget she is just 3 because she looks so much older. She is hilarious and keeps us laughing all day long. She is a bundle of energy, loves music and dance and everything Dora. She is also stubborn and determined and doesn't give up until she accomplishes what she wants. Leah is loving and very expressive and hugs, kisses and says I love you all day long. The dogs are still trying to get used to all the running around and chasing, but we have already explained to them  she is just trying to play with them!  She still uses her fake cry when she deems necessary and still gets us every time.

She is now enrolled in group swimming lessons and loves the water. She wants to go in the pool everyday. She is basically able to speak and understand both English and Spanish and I catch her translating words back and forth all the time. She continues to take ballet and can show you every ballet position when named. She loves to play the drums and/or dance while daddy plays the guitar. Her musical ability stuns us regularly. She can clap or stomp to the beat of any song all the way through and not miss a beat. She is remarkable.

We feel so blessed to be your parents, Leah, we love you very much and thank God everyday that He chose us to be your parents. 

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Marco Island

We went to Marco Island one day over Memorial Day weekend. I don't even remember which day.Life has been sooooooo hectic. I have had so much work that I never know what day it is. I am training a new secretary at the day care, the studio started summer camp this week, have had lots of doctor appointments, and lots of work being done at the house(outdoors). As soon as i have a moment I have to order our new kitchen cabinets so the new kitchen can be started. I have so much to catch up. Today was Leah's last day of school. Summer camp starts on Monday. I won't be sending her all summer but I think that if I keep her home too long, it will be tough for her when school starts again in the fall. On Friday she starts swimming lessons again. I am looking forward to that. Our pool is being resurfaced this week and I expect to use it a lot this summer. It has been so hot I can barely stand to be outside. One day last week as Leah and I walked to our car across her school parking lot, she says "Mucho hot, Mommy". (Yes, she is now using spanglish, love it!)