Saturday, April 17, 2010

Two Years Ago

How is it possible to love this much? Two years ago today we saw our baby's face for the same time. It was like giving birth. On April 17, 2008, I received a call that would forever change the lives of every member of our family. It was bigger than winning the lottery and only the birth of Leah's 2 siblings can compare. On that day, God decided that we would be the parents of the most perfect baby, Leah Mei. To describe Leah is not easy. There are so many aspects of her personality that make her so special. She is so loving and sweet and at the same time so strong and resilient; she is smart, can dance like I have never seen some so small dance; she is FUNNY, she keeps us laughing with her silliness. She is also very tough and can "play" rough and keep up with the boys, she is observant even when you think she is not listening. She has so many interests and is so well-rounded and we could not be prouder to be her parents. She is ACTIVE and tirelessly is on the go every minute of every day and we love it. And love her. Happy referral day baby girl, we love you more than words could EVER describe.