Thursday, September 22, 2011

Leah's Favorite Things...

This post is the beginning of a series of posts of things I never want to forget. Being that we have 2 adult children, I am all too aware of how fast they grow up. I wish I knew about blogging when the other 2 were little. Danny and Mimi are only 15 months apart and watching the two of them grow up was the best part and time of my life. They were funny, bright, happy, silly and terrible all at the same time! And I loved every minute of it! More on them later as I have to take my fading memory to places I haven't in a long time.

For now, while its fresh in my mind, Leah's favorite things.

Since day one, we knew she had quite an ear for music. At one and a half she had rhythm and could move and clap to a beat regardless of tempo. And boy can she dance!

Her first favorite character was Elmo. He was also the first she could name. Her love for Elmo was deep. She could not get enough.

Next Came Dora the Explorer. Of course, she pronounces it "Dowa the Exploder".  Hahahaha! Too cute! She always looks forward to watching Dora on TV (well, for the 2 seconds she watches tv before she moves on to the next activity or toy

Barney is a big favorite. She knows all of the songs that Barney has ever sung! Her favorite being "If All the Raindrops were Lemon Drops  and Gum Drops, Oh What a Rain that Would Be" She even knows the dance routines they do on the Live Shows. She also loves The Wiggles. Hopefully they will both have local live shows in 2012.

She really likes Curious George and watches him every morning. Although I am not sure he has been a good role model for our "monkey"!

For a Brief period she was obsessed with iCarly, but Mommy put a stop to that. She would watch it with Daddy while I was working in the evenings until I realized, "Hey, that's a teen show"!!!!!! And so not appropriate for my 4 year old! Cute show, but, no.

Now she is so into Pinkalicious. She loves those books. Her brother brought her a new one today and she was so excited when she saw what he had in the bag! We read it 17 times before she finally fell asleep.

She also likes Publix, the Dumbo ride in Disney, the pool and the park. Does not like live characters at all, even the ones mentioned above.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mimi Goes RED!!!!


Monday, September 5, 2011

A Small Catch Up Picture Post

Leah sportin' a mustache

First day of Pre-K

Holding Mimi's hand in the parking lot of school upon arrival

About to enter Pre-K class for the very fist time!

Another day during first week of pre-k

Long Key State Park in the Florida Keys

Vero Beach Labor Day Weekend and I was not about to let the water touch me today!

Last picture Mommy took before we went to get a new camera!