Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Summer 2011

I always mean to update the blog more often as I hate doing updates. I am going to stop promising myself and others that I will update more often. The truth is that the problem for me is uploading pictures. Sometimes i can do it, and sometimes my computer won't let me upload only the ones I want to. Then there is the act of living life, which really takes all of my time! This summer has been HOT and not nearly as long as I needed it to be. We planned so many activities and for one reason or another only accomplished half. Which is not a bad thing, we did get to rest some. And then there has been the RAIN the second half of the summer. But we did manage to make it to

the beach
 the park
 the movies
 the library for story time
 lots of yard sales
lots of shopping
lots of eating out
lots of organizing at home
lots of Monkey Joe's and Little Java's
Way too many birthday parties
Lunch with FCC
4th  of July Parade
Ballet Class
Reading other blogs
( lots of beautiful children coming home!)

We had plans of going to Disney, but its been so hot that I just changed our reservation for October.  Hopefully we will get to go to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party. Hopefully the Warrior Princess won't be afraid of everything!

Work seems to be calming down so I will go back to part time at the daycare and part time at the studio.  We are also working of our Modification. I pray that it all gets approved soon, its been way too long!