Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding

I woke up early this morning to watch the Royal event. I could not wait, I was a teenager when Will's parents were married and I felt just the same excitement then. The ceremony was beautiful. I had lost all hope of one of my children marrying a royal until Leah woke up! When she came out of the room and asked me what I was doing, I told her that I was watching Kate become a princess. As those that know Leah are well aware, she does not sit still for anything and does not watch TV, but she was glued to the TV during the Royal Wedding and kept asking when the Prince and Princess were going to dance. Then she tells me she wants to "go there with Mommy" and wants us to wear hats. I waited until the "kiss" to leave and take her to school. On the way to school she told me she was going to kiss a prince like Kate! Hope renewed!!!!

Later this afternoon, I was still watching coverage on TV ( I know, I'm obsessed). Her brother picked her up from preschool today and when she walked in the door and sees the coverage on TV, she started shouting "I saw that!" Then she sat with me and watched Oprah's coverage of the wedding.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

I Love "Papa Diosh"

How amazing is it when you hear your 4 year old say that she loves God and he wants to go to church everyday! I have to, (although hate to) admit that we were all more active in church before Leah. There really is never an excuse not to go to church, so this isn't an excuse, but you see, being Catholic, our church does not have Sunday school, or a nursery where you can leave children while you worship. They are expected to sit there with you and listen, quietly. We all know Leah does not do "listen", and "quiet" is a foreign word to her. Our only option for our extremely hyper, loud, although cute as a button, 4 year old is to sit with her in the church or go to the baby cry room. The baby cry room has no air conditioning ( not good in Miami), smells really bad, and you can't hear the sermons, prayers, etc. because of the loud children and even louder parents. So we sit among the masses and work really hard at trying to keep her just a little still and just quiet enough so everyone around us can hear. She is quite the comedian.Yes, and then there was the booty dance to one of the hymns. So we try to go to the 8:00 am Mass because its not as crowded, if we miss that the 11:00 Mass is crazy so we have been not going every week. I know, BAD. However, Leah loves church and says, "I love Papa Diosh" everyday( in Spanish we say Papa Dios meaning Father God) with such emotion that it is a beautiful sight. What amazes me is that we have been distant from church, yet she gets it, feels God's love, and loves God! How awesome is that? She is learning to have some control, and that past 2 weeks she has been pretty good, so maybe my little is growing up!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Think You’re Too Old To Adopt?

Think You’re Too Old To Adopt?

I woke up early this morning unable to sleep anymore and since I finally got my computer back from the shop, decided to visit the sites I used to love, and missed.I found this link under "Adoption Stories" in my agency's website. Of course it caught my eye because we are one of those 40 somethings that "started over".

The truth is I have never, or at least not yet, felt old! I am also in a lot better shape physically, mentally, and financially than I was in my 20's. Raising our first 2 was awesome! We couldn't have asked for better kiddos! This time around, we are wiser, and look at the world differently and I am enjoying parenting the same way I did before but with some experience under my belt. My husband on the other hand regularly reminds me that he does feel old at times. Although he is only 1 year older. I also never even thought about age when we started the adoption process. Oddly enough the age question was brought up shortly after we came home and every once in a while by some within our family. (Mainly on my side!) Sometimes it was brought up by silly little comments like "Make sure you don't spoil her so people don't say she is like that because she has old parents".  (The spanish saying "Hijo de viejos", is the statement I heard but it gets lost in translation,lol). And then there is the one that whenever she sees pictures older parents, some of  who now make up my new circle of friends, only notices the age and has to always say " Oh they seem older" . I don't curse, but. WTF!?!?
I could go on and on, but I won't.

I am grateful that I have thick skin, and most grateful for the adoption community that has taught me so much. And when I read a post like that I am reminded that we did a good thing. I am also thankful for the old friends, no pun intended, that supported us through the process and encouraged us with positive actions and comments. And to the others, sorry we don't call so much anymore.