Sunday, July 26, 2009

Leah Rocks!

We have always known that Leah loves music and dancing, here is a preview of our little rocker imitating her sister as she was listening to the rock group Paramore.

Michelle was listening to music as she dried her hair, Leah insisted on "helping" but could not resist the temptation to move to the beat

Dad was playing guitar and needed a drummer! Of course we had a volunteer who shakes a mean booty.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

She has a thing for watermelon..

↓↓↓ Chinese Watermelon Art.... never seen anything like this ↓↓↓

If Leah's obsession for watermelon continues, shes having a watermelon party with these carvings and these cupcakes.... end of story.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Our funny, funny child!

Everyone that knows us knows that Leah is a lot of fun. We literally spend the days laughing with her and at all of her craziness. I was really behind on posts but rather that entertaining you with each of her sillies, I thought I would dedicate this post with some of Leah's funnies.

We don't know why but she found Home Depot hilarious!

We took a trip to Ideal Baby Store for a new car seat. We decided not to take her in the stroller thinking how difficult could it be, two adults, one 2 year old, we had it under control. HA! She ran around touching everything and tried out some of the car seats and even a bed. Isn't that a joke, she hates beds! Finally after chasing her around the store she decides to "hide" behind a dresser and shout BOOB! (She means peak-a-boo).

On this day she decided she needed a monkey tail. She wore it all day and was not happy she could not bathe with it. This is an important tail to our family you see. This was the tail off of a monkey that belonged to Leah's older brother when he was little. He is now 21 so the tail, not the monkey, has history. He tore the tail off the monkey, played with that for years and we never saw the monkey again. But the tail lives on. One day, Dad decided to wear the tail around the house to make the children laugh. Well, he forgot all about it and went to the grocery store wearing it. Oh what I wouldn't give for the surveillance tape from that day.

I read in a friend's blog once how interesting it is when Daddy dresses the children; usually not matching, etc. Well when this Mommy came home one day, I found a ninja! He swore she liked it, but is this a happy face?

If she even smells a camera, she shouts "cheeeeeeeeeeese" and poses. Here she is in pajamas way past bedtime but I couldn't resist.

Not your average trip to Olive Garden. This muchkin is into everything and we are usually exausted by the end of the day, after we literally had to remove everything from the table to keep her from throwing it (she's a lefty and if major league baseball saw her, women will be allowed to play baseball) anyways, the waiter asked if we wanted "cheese" and that was her cue to break in a pose and shout "cheeeeeeeeeeeeeese" at the top of her lings.