Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Ivy Joy Update

Ivy has been is surgery for 10 hours and continues to do well. What an amazing little girl she is! So strong and so brave. Please keep her in your prayers.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Spread the Joy
This precious little angel is named Ivy Joy. She is a very special heart baby and has gone through so much. Her family is asking for continued prayers. Click on her picture to learn about the family's specific prayer requests. Her mom and I connected when the family was in the process of their first adoption. We had some things in common as their older daughters are also dancers. Please flood the gates of Heaven with prayer as on Wednesday Ivy will endure another complicated surgery. Join us in prayer as we ask for strength for her and her family and wisdom for the doctors so this baby girl is healed once and for all.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Columbus Day Update

I have been a little lost from the bloggy world. Seems living life gets in the way of writing it all down as is always my intention. We have been dealing with repairs at home due to water damage. It has been overwhelming for me. It appears our air conditioner was leaking in the walls and ceiling and we didn't know until we saw the yellow stain appear. Fortunately our insurance will cover most of the repairs. All of this in the middle of cleaning out closets and de-cluttering in preparation for the fall season. Toward the latter part of summer we started a yard project that is still not finished thanks to all the rain. It seems at times that it has rained every day since February! We did a lot planting almost 2 months ago but we still have more to do. This weekend Ed spent every single moment in the yard trying to catch up. He only came in the house for brief rain delays. You don't realize how much fence you have until you have to pressure clean it and then paint it (both sides!). Danny started painting one part of it before Ed joined but it it sooooo much! Did I mention that when it wasn't raining it was like 93 degrees?
Ed also managed to save our wood deck. I thought we were going to have to take it down, but with a little pressure cleaning and TLC it looks new. Don't know how he managed that!
This morning I thought I was going to work early and then head to the studio to finish up some Disney stuff for the kids we have performing there next month. Then the restoration guy called that he needed me to be at home cause he was on his way to get some stuff signed and he needed to check the bathroom walls damage again to schedule that part of the work. So here I am still waiting for him. But at least I am enjoying a cup of coffee watching the rain fall and doing absolutely NOTHING!