Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Update Coming Soon!

I have been asked more than once where our holiday update is. Well, my lap top blew up! I have no computer set up at home, ( long story, construction, etc) and since the office is closed for the holidays, I haven't even been there. My son's lap top is a mac and I HATE IT! I can't figure it out. Boy do I miss my VAIO! The only other computer at home that is connected is in my son's room and going in there is hazardous to my health. So, I promise to update before the week is over with pictures, but I will tell you this, IT WAS THE BEST CHRISTMAS EVER! It was slow paced even though we went to Disney, and quite restful. The kids seemed to really enjoy the time together and their carefully thought out presents from Santa this year. Stay tuned.......

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Happy Birthday, Mimi

Twenty-two years ago today, we were rushing to the hospital as I went into labor early. Everything went so fast but I remember arriving at the hospital and being told there was no time for an epidural or drugs of any sort as this baby wanted out! Then without another word and only one push Michelle Nicole entered this world. Oh my goodness what a beautiful baby she was. She had no hair. a round, beautiful little face and i remember long slender fingers. From that moment on we were attached at the hip. Wherever one of us was, there was the other. I went nowhere without her. Mimi, as we have always called her, was the perfect child. Sweet, kind, beautiful, a good student, teachers' pet, well you name it, Mimi was it. Achievement became her norm, and because we were so used to it, we often forget to tell her just how very proud we are of her.  All through her life she has worked hard at everything, but dance was always her passion, and just as she was in a hurry to be born, she has been in a hurry to accomplish her goals. Mimi was not yet 21 years old when she opened her own dance studio. And although we always knew what she was capable of, I am still amazed at times of her ability to create. She is so talented that I often just stare at her in amazement, but her talent is equaled by her determination. Isn't she just the most beautiful daughter ever?

Happy Birthday Mimikins, we are so proud to be your parents and thank God everyday for blessing us with the gift of you.