Saturday, August 25, 2012

First "Rock" Concert!

Leah loves music and dance, so when we heard The Fr*sh B**t Band was coming to town, we had to get tickets. We were lucky to get great seats through a friend. ( Thanks Lidi and Helen). The concert was great. We had lots of fun and ran into some friends from our old preschool class. We sang along and danced the entire time. Then it started raining and it was more fun to open our mouths and drink the rain water!

First Week of Kindergarten, Check

First Day of Kindergarten

My cuteness is going to "big girl" school! We were both very nervous and
very excited at the sane time. I cannot believe this day is here . They really do grow up too fast. Parenting this time around I have learned to savor each precious moment cause before you know it they are grown.
This morning we got up and both of us were too nervous to eat. Ed took the morning off too. We were so proud that she stayed like a bg girl and neither she nor I cried.

Kindergarten Orientation

This morning we met Leah' s new teacher, saw her new classroom and met some of her classmates. We are very happy at the way things worked out and are looking forward to the first day of Kindergarten. Our elementary has a separate building for Pre-K and Kindergarten called the Primary Learning Center with its own cafeteria, office, security, playground, etc. Its great because its a much smaller, more controlled environment.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Monday, August 6, 2012

Travel Group 4 Year Reunion-Disney Dream- Part 1

Boarding the Disney Dream!

The Mickey Pool

Dancing at a boys vs. girls challenge

The Aqua Duck

Our little pirate on our way to Pirate Night Dinner

We just returned from our China travel group's reunion. Not too many families were able to go, but those of us fortunate enough had a great time. I have to admit that I am not a big fan of cruising, but Disney is Disney and I am looking forward to cruising Alaska with Disney! We had a great group of families, we were able to spend a little time together throughout the days but always had dinner together, which was very nice. Our 6 girls seemed to play together well and it was so cute to see how they found each other during one of the children's group activities and played together the entire time.