Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Pinkalicious Birthday Party!

I have never seen Leah so excited. This year she really understands what it all means. So many of her classmates, friends and family shared this day with us. She ran, climbed, jumped, and bounced her little heart out. The festivities took place at Little Java's. It is a really cute place but it is meant for young kids and I knew this would be the last year we would be able to have a party there, so the Ballerina Tea Party will have to wait til next year.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Happy 5th Birthday, Princess!

I can't believe my baby girl is 5 years old, and in a few months it will be the 4th anniversary of gotcha day. To describe Leah today is just amazing. Number one is that she is healthy. We still have some neurological things, but for the most part minor. Mainly behavioral that we hope she will be able to control as she gets older and with some continued therapies. Her speech is great. She can communicate and gets her point across "no matter what she has to do". She is hilarious, loving, loves to hug and kiss with quite the grip, a gifted dancer, runs like lightning, and a great eater. She says no to no food! She still loves Dora but we are now into Pinkalicious, Spider Man, Batman and Superman. She starts soccer March 6, so we will be taking a break from Ballet, but will continue Hip Hop. She also starts Belly Dancing. Yes, you read correctly. I never imagined I would have a daughter that would choose Belly dance over ballet, but she really wants to try belly. She also wants to tap dance but we will wait and see how she does on this new schedule as we still have to squeeze in speech and occupational therapies and there are only so many days in the week!

She also starts a new school in a week or so. She was accepted in a Language program in a local school that is supposed to excellent and will help her catch up and be ready for kindergarten. Part of me is petrified that she will be in a public school, but it is a small school and I think it is the best thing for her right now.

Baby Girl is growing up!

Happy Birthday, Princess, we love you to the moon and back, or as you say "to the moon and to the back"

Disney Birthday Trip

Our baby girl is 5 years old today. Not quite sure how that happened, but she is growing up before our eyes. This year, we decided to spend the birthday week in Disney World. What a great time of year it was to be in Disney.  We arrived on Monday, January 30, which meant kids were in school so there were no lines in any of the 4 parks that exceeded 10 minutes and the weather was fantastic. No rain and only a light sweater at night. We went on almost all the rides in all four parks. Leah was amazing! She was so well behaved, we did the parks from morning to closing without a nap and no stroller and she never complained once!

When we checked in they gave Leah a birthday pin which she wore proudly for each day we were there. When we arrived at the Magic Kingdom on her actual birthday, the woman at the entrance gate noticed the birthday pin and told us to go to the City hall building and that Goofy would call and speak to Leah on the phone and wish her a happy birthday. While she and Mimi went on a potty break, I set it all up. When they came out I told Leah that they had a phone message for her. To see her excitement when she heard Goofy on the other end of the phone was priceless. Then the attendant gave her a magic wand and told her he was an honorary princess for the day and that made her day. Although to her the wand quickly became a sword.

And best of all, we got some pictures with characters! I was beginning to think it would never happen, but thanks to Mimi's encouragement we got:

Woody and Jesse

Jasmine and Aladdin

Ariel and Eric

A boy fairy from the Tinkerbell Movie
You could tell she was nervous to be so close to the characters but she was a brave girl and smiled for the pictures.
We later had our celebratory dinner at EPCOT in France. The waiters snag Happy Birthday (in French!) and brought her a cake. She LOVED it! Took pictures with Mimi's phone but can't figure out how to load them hear!
The only bad part was that 2 of Leah's favorite rides were closed. One was Thund*r Mountain Railroad which reopens in May after refurbishment. The other was her beloved Dumbo, which was moved and will be part of the new F**tasyland. This new area will reopen in 2 stages, half this summer and the other half next summer. It looks amazing! We can't wait! I don't think we will go for the reopening as I am sure the crowds will be too much, but we will go as soon as we can. The bad part is that Leah starts kindergarten next fall and we won't be able to pack and go during the slow season.

Sunday we will host her birthday party at one of her favorite places. Many of her classmates will attend and she is so excited about her "Pinkalicious" party.