Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Wow! I have been a terrible blogger, well truth of the matter is, my daughter Michelle has been a terrible blogger. She started this blog for her little sister due to my limited computer skills and has failed to keep it up, so I thought I would. Please be patient with me as I learn how to do this. Posting pictures is another thing! Don't expect them too soon!
OK, the official update is: the Suita home has been quite busy. I am taking a college course to renew my certification, lots of homework, Danny had the flu, we finally finished moving my mom to Century Village, Leah continues going to "Gymnastics" and her Friday "Art" class. Luckily she only has Speech and Occupational therapies once per week and a behavioral specialist sees her once per week as well. Michelle has been really busy with work and school. Leah is doing remarkably well. Developmentally she is just about all caught up. Speech is the only part taking longer but is coming along. She is hearing bith english and spanish at home and seems to understand everything is just 7 months. We are awaiting the date for her hearing test and the Dr. thinks she has mild(correctable) hearing loss. which explains part of the speech delay. (Then again, her brother did not speak until close to three and look, he's a genius now!) Ed has been busy at work and also catching up on lots os stuff around the house. The dogs are there, Chloe getting old with attitude, and Roxy is the only one in the house as wild as Leah. Well, hopefully this entertains you for a while, Leah is getting into everything while I do this, so I will post more later