Thursday, November 13, 2008

More Halloween Pix

Leah's First Halloween

Leah was a fairy princess for her first Halloween. It was a crazy day. We tried to fit in too many things. We went to Weston Town Center with friends, Lidi and David, no sooner than we get there, which was a challenge to begin with, we realize, the event for the children, music, etc, is OVER! After wrestling the kiddos back in the stroller, it starts to suddenly and out of nowhere POUR! Needless to say, we left Weston and headed for home, where there was no sign of rain. Ed decided to take Leah trick or treating in the wagon. That was fun but Leah was clueless as to why we had to stop in every house and for no reason at all people were giving her candy we were not allowing her to eat. Back on the homefront Michelle was preparing the house to frighten the 4 children that came to our house this year. Underneath her scary Grudge costume, she was dressed in her real costume for a party she went to later that night with friends.