Monday, July 25, 2011

Leah is Better ....

Thank you for all the calls, texts and emails, Leah is better and home. Thank you all for joining us in prayer, they were answered. It is so scary to see your child have any kind of seizure that you automatically think the worst. But thankfully, the cause was somewhat minor. It was a virus that caused the vomiting and fever; and the rapid rise in fever is what caused the seizure. The ER doctor says that febrile seizures are not that uncommon and don't cause any harm other than falling and getting injured as a result. Shortly after arriving home from China, Leah had her first seizure, during that time an EEG showed she was not prone to seizures and would not need anti-seizure meds, this is still the case, except the doctor wants her to see an neurologist because the seizure lasted a little longer than it should have, and since she has some complex neuro issues they want to be sure nothing has changed in the development of her brain. Fevers are a concern though, we have to control them better as now it appears that she is prone to febrile seizures. Fortunately she is not one to develop a fever for any little thing. She slept for almost 20 hours straight after the medicine they put in the IV to stop the seizure but is now back to her crazy, silly, adorable self.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Prayer request

My name is Lidi and I am a friend of Daisy.  Daisy just called me and asked me to post this message for her. Please stop and pray for Leah.  Daisy is at the emergency room with Leah right now due to Leah having a seizure.  Daisy had been taken Leah earlier today to an urgent care facilty and was told Leah had a virus.  Daisy shared that Leah had a fever this afternoon which spiked a bit and caused the seisure.  Please keep Leah in your prayers.  Please pray for the Suita family.  I will keep you posted as I hear more. Thank you.