Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?

Leah is into everything! There are no barriers great enough for this child. We have tried every type of baby-proofing available and she has figured out how to get into the cabinets and drawers. We have now resorted to trickery and boobietrap-like, homemade devices. My favorite has to be the simple ribbon we have to tie in knots to keep her out of the kitchen cabinets. Here is our Houdini, first a cookie theft where she hid behind her sister's bed where I snagged her, then she got into the watermelon I was preparing to cut up for her.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Cover Girl Leah

This picture was chosen as the "Photo of the Month" in one of Broward County's neighborhood magazines called the Advisor. No one needed to tell us we had a supermodel on our hands! My friend Lidi submitted the photo and the rest is history. What a proud Mommy and Daddy we are!

Friday, April 17, 2009

The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

A year ago today, we saw Leah's face for the first time. We were so not expecting a referral. Referrals at the time had a LID of January 12, 2006, and we were LID October 19, 2006. Who would have guessed that a simple phone call to Stephanie at GWCA simply to inquire about the special needs program would turn into our referral two days later. Only the hand of God could have led to the gift that is our Leah. The only special need this child had was a desperate need for a family, our family. There aren't words to express the emotion and love I felt for my daughter when I opened Stephanie's email to retrieve Leah's file ( at the time Chen Xiao Xiao) and see her pictures. What an amazing sight she was, and is. People always tell us she is so lucky, but in reality, I feel we are the lucky ones. Of all the children in China, God chose this one to be our daughter, and we could not have chosen a better fit for our family. Every parent thinks their child is special, but Leah is a walking miracle everyday. She was not expected to walk, talk, or develop normally. But I guess love has cured all of her ills. She not only walks, runs, and says more words everyday, she is a "normal", active toddler who keeps us busy and makes us laugh everyday. She is developing within normal range and seems a little advanced in some areas. We have been home for 9 months and she understands both English and Spanish and says words in both languages. The other day, in Spanish, I asked her to say "gracias" to someone who gave her something at the grocery store, well apparently she knew gracias meant thank you because she replied "thanks" in English.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Coloring Easter Eggs

Leah found coloring Easter eggs was quite interesting. She was very serious and was concentrating on what she was doing. I have never seen her sit in one place for more that a second. The first few eggs were not so lucky. She put her finger through the first one, then smashed 2 by tapping them together as she cheered for herself for walking over to the table without dropping them! Once they were dry and it was time to put stickers on them, she preferred the stickers on her hand.