Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Disney, OLOL Fair and "A Day with Thomas the Train"

 It has been a busy, yet very stress-free month in some ways.  Work has calmed down some. although we are now preparing for re-accreditation. But we went to Disney World so that always fixes everything. We met up with friends from our China travel group and that was great. We had not seen them since China!

Leah loved the train that you can board at the entrance to Main Street and wouldn't get off. We must have gone around 12 times before we bribed her into trying another ride. She just loves trains.

 The we went to the Fair at OLOL after Mass one day. She loved it and now understands that you have to buy tickets to ride. She keeps asking me if we have tickets each time she sees a ride of any kind! Ha!

Riding with Mimi

 Then it was off to ride Thomas the Train! I can't begin to express how excited she was. She loves trains and when she found out we were going to ride Thomas, she nearly lost her mind. When she saw him coming down the tracks while we waited, she started screaming and waiving her arms up in the air as if she was at a rock concert. She started chanting "Thomas, Thomas". She and David were great, even without a nap! But it was hot! Poor baby drank a gallon of lemonade on the way home before falling asleep.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

One by one.........

Leah, Ed and I went to Disney last weekend to meet up with travel mates from China. More on that later because on the way back, Leah vomited in the car while eating a banana. We thought she had gagged on the banana as she was fine the rest of the night. The next morning I drive her to school and get a call an hour later that she was vomiting. I went and picked her up assuming she picked up a bug in Disney, called the doctor and was nursing her with fluids.

Well, like dominoes every single person in the house got it a day or two from each other.  So this house became like a clinic for the past week with no time to do much else. It was awful but we are all finally healthy and I will pot pictures from Disney soon.